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Distribute original prints of your architectural and engineering drawings to your clients and subcontractors!

Our commercial plotters give you high-quality plots on bond (white, recycled white, or color), vellum, mylar. Since they are rated at 1100 "D" plots per hour, your jobs are completed very quickly. This will speed up your job, allowing you to spend more time on design.

How to transfer to MESA your digital files:
submit an eOrder using our online order form!
email us* at
visit us during business hours and bring a CD/thumbdrive

Accepted file types:
- .plt, .pdf, .tiff, .dwg, .dwf, .cpc, and more

To convert your .dwg files to .plt files, click here.

*Effective 10/2012, incoming orders received via email incur a small email order processing fee (starting at $2).  We encourage our clients to use eOrder, which does not incur the order processing fee.

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