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Electrostatic Process: Reproduction method in which image formation depends on electrical, rather than chemical changes induced by light. Xerography is becoming a generic term for the electrostatic copying/duplicating process.

Matte: In reproduction, a relatively rough, low-gloss surface particularly suited to drafting in either pencil or ink.

Overlay: Transparent or translucent prints which, when placed one on the other, form a composite picture.

Pin Graphics: A reprographic system using pin bars to obtain efficient and precise registration of a series of overlays to produce a composite.

Polyester Film: A type of film with high strength and dimensional stability used as a base stock for light sensitive coatings and drafting materials.

Reproducible: Capable of producing copies in diazo or photographic methods.

Reprography: The art and science of reproducing documents.

Right Reading: A copy which is readable from the front or image side of the material.

Transparent: Material through which light can pass and which can be seen through distinctly.

Transparentizing: Use of oil, waxes or other material to make the base of an intermediate more translucent and thus increase its printing speed.

Vellum: Translucent paper for original drawings and certain sensitized products.

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