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2000 / 2002 / 2004 Set-Up

Follow this 3-part process to turn your .dwg files into .plt files!


Step 1: Set up a plotter.

This step creates the plotter driver used by our plotters This only needs to be done once.

1.) From the File menu, select 'Plotter Manager'.

2.) Double-click the 'Add a Plotter Wizard'.

3.) At the 'Intro' screen, click 'Next'.

4.) Select 'My Computer', click 'Next'.

5.) Select 'Hewlett-Packard' in the left box, and select 'Design Jet 650C C2859A' in the right box. Click 'Next'.

6.) Click 'Continue' in the box that pops up.

7.) In the next 'Import .pcp or .pc2' box, click 'Next'. (you can enter your pen settings later).

8.) In the 'Ports' window, select 'Plot to File' at the top of the window, and click 'Next'.

9.) In the 'Plotter Name' box, enter ‘Mesa Plotter’.

10.) In the 'Finish' window, click 'Edit Plotter Configuration'.

11.) Click on the 'Device and Document Settings' tab.

12.) In the list, click on 'Custom Properties' or 'Graphics' (depending on your driver version), then, below the list, click the 'Custom Properties' button that appears.

13.) Under 'Plot Color Merge Control', click 'Colors Merge', then click 'OK'.

14.) This brings you back to the 'Plotter Configuration Editor'. Click 'OK' at the bottom of the window.

15.) Now click 'Finish' at the bottom of the 'Add Plotter - Finish' window. There should now be a new plotter named 'Mesa Plotter.pc3' in the 'Plotters' window.

Note: A good way to access paper sizes is to create user sizes which are stored with the driver. Make sure to set the margins on these to zero; if they aren't, the plot will be scaled, even if it's set to a fixed scale such as 1 = 1.


Step 2
: Create a Plot Style Table

The plot style table stores the pen assignments for the drawing, including line weights and whether each given line will plot black or screened. If you always use the same pen settings for your files, this only needs to be done once.

1.) From the 'File' menu select 'Plot Style Manager' and double-click on the 'Add a Plot Style Table Wizard' icon, then click 'Next'.

2.) From the options for inputting your pent settings, select 'Start from scratch', then click 'Next'.

3.) Select 'Color-Dependent Plot Style Table' and click 'Next'.

4.) Name the file 'Mesa Pens' and click 'Next'.

5.) Click the 'Plot Style Table Editor' button then click the 'Form View' tab. On the left there is a list of AutoCAD display colors, and on the right there is a list of properties for a given color. To change a color's properties, first click on the color, and then modify the properties.

6.) For each display color in your drawing, click on it to select it, set its 'Color' to black, and set its lineweight.  (To make the lineweights appear in inches, click on the 'Edit Lineweights' button, select 'Inches', and click 'OK'.)  To make a color plot as black, choose 'Black' from the 'Color' drop-down menu. If a color needs to be screened, the 'Other' option in the 'Color' menu can be used to select one of the following:

70% black = pen 250
60% black = pen 251
50% black = pen 252
40% black = pen 253
30% black = pen 254
10% black = pen 255

Pens 8 and 9 may also be used for printing screens. Screening 50% or greater is not recommended.

7.) Choose 'Save & Close' then click 'Finish'. 'Mesa Pens' will now show up in the ‘Plot Style Table’ drop-down menu in the Plot dialog box.

8.) From the drawing go to the 'Tools' menu, select 'Options', then 'Plotting'. Set the ‘Default plot style behavior for new drawings’ to ‘Use Color-Dependent Plot Styles’, and click ‘OK’.


Step 3: Plot the file

This needs to be done once for each file you're plotting.

1.) Open the drawing to be plotted and select ‘Plot’ from the ‘File’ menu.

2.) Click the 'Plot Device' tab.

3.) Under 'Plotter Configuration' select the 'Mesa Plotter.pc3', as set-up in Step 1 and select the 'Mesa Pens.ctb' plot style table as set-up in Step 2.

4.) Make sure the 'Plot to file' box is checked and be sure the ‘Location’ that the file is being saved to is where you want it to go (you can change it here, if needed).

5.) Click the 'Plot Settings' tab.

6.) Under 'Plot options' make sure 'Plot with plot styles' is checked.

7. ) Set the paper size, drawing orientation (usually landscape), plot area, plot scale, etc.

8.) Select ‘Full Preview’ to ensure that the plot is correct. This preview will show what the file will actually look like plotted, including pen colors and screening.

9.) Click 'OK' to plot the file. This creates a .PLT file with the same name as the drawing file, with the layout name appended to it. These .PLT files are the files you send in (either via email or our FTP site) to Mesa Reprographics for plotting.

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